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Diversity & Inclusion

Strategic Priority: Convene business leaders and partners to develop programs and promote efforts to build an inclusive community.

Research from Visioneering Wichita, The Chung Report, and other community initiatives has demonstrated the need for our community to diversify its industry bases, as well as the individuals living and working in the community to be positioned for long-term innovation and growth. The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to take a leadership role in building an inclusive community. We have established connections to organizations already making progress for groups with a variety of dimensions of diversity, as well as to the business community through our large membership base.

The Initiatives

Talent App/Website
This program’s mission is to help Wichita-area companies make progress in attracting and hiring diverse and young talent. It will do this primarily by connecting potential employees to a diverse network of Ambassadors who can tell the story of Wichita through their own diversity lens – providing candidates with an enthusiastic, but honest, portrayal of life in Wichita. Ambassadors may represent a specific race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, service need, or stage of life, among many other dimensions.

Next Steps for Interested Members: From February to April, our development team will be conducting interviews with interested partners to finalize the program’s partnership structure. You may receive an email or phone call on behalf of the Chamber for research purposes.

Expanding Diversity & Inclusion Training
The goal of the initial program is to provide area executives with a framework for discussing diversity and inclusion similar to what participants in Advance Kansas receive, as well as a space to discuss current issues and opportunities related to diversity in their organizations. The time commitment will be less than participating in a full Advance Kansas program, but will arm executives with information necessary to be champions in our community for inclusion & diversity.

Next Steps for Interested Members: Suzy Finn (Wichita Chamber) and Mary Moon (Butler Community College) are developing an initial plan and will seek additional input from those expressing interest, as needed. Interested organizations will be contacted when program registration is open.

Supporting Youth Employment Project
Mayor Jeff Longwell, the Workforce Alliance, and several community organizations are partnering to promote the need for summer jobs for youth (targeting at-risk youth ages 16-19), with a goal of having local businesses hire at least 1,000 youth for summer jobs. The Chamber is encouraging its members to rise to the challenge and commit to hiring at least one youth for the summer.

Next Steps for Interested Members: We will share the contact information for those interested in participating with the Workforce Alliance's lead on the project, or you may contact Amanda Duncan directly at 316-771-6661.

Partnering with Minority Business Organizations
The Wichita Regional Chamber has made it a priority to partner with and support groups including the Create Campaign, the Wichita Hispanic Chamber, the Heartland Black Chamber, the Wichita Black Chamber, the Urban League, and others. In addition, we have worked with the Minority Supplier Council and helped to recruit participants for the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program.

Next Steps for Interested Members: As opportunities for partnership arise, we will notify interested individuals and companies. If you have ideas for other groups to partner with, please contact Angie Elliott.

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