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Living in Wichita

11 Reasons Why Millennials are Proud to Call Wichita 'Home'
A group of young creatives in Wichita created an infographic (seen at right) in October of 2016 about their favorite spects of living and working in Wichita. Learn more about what motivated them on our November 22 blog post. Please feel free to share this image with others or post on your own site.

Kansans get 10 percent off every day
Are you sick and tired of spending a dollar and only getting $1.10 worth of stuff? Wait a minute. That’s actually a pretty good deal. And that’s the deal that the Tax Foundation says you’re getting by living and shopping in the Sunflower State.

Living in “The Air Capital of the World”
Wichita is the most populated city in Kansas. With a stable housing market, a low cost of living, great weather, and excellent education, it’s one of the great cities in the United States.

49 Things I Hate About Wichita
Young professional and architect Eric Wittman decided to share a piece of his mind about the city that he’s now leaving after spending almost all of his life in the Wichita area.

21 Things You Need To Know About Wichita Before You Move Here
Thinking about making our home your home? Check out this article to learn why you can't go wrong by making the move.

Overall Cost-of-Living Index
Even with its many amenities, Wichita’s overall Housing Index is 71, which is 29 percentage points below the national average value of 100.

Housing Costs
Housing is a particular bargain in the Wichita market. The median selling price of existing (previously owned) single-family homes in the Wichita metro area was $135,700 in the third quarter 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors. Wichita ranked 27th lowest of 179 reporting metro areas and $105,500 or 44% below the national median price of $240,900.

For more detailed information about Wichita's cost of living and housing costs comparison with other communities, visit the Greater Wichita Partnership website

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