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2017 South Central Kansas Regional Legislative Agenda

The vision of the South Central Kansas Regional Legislative Agenda is to build a regional consensus on top policy priorities and maximize the influence of the South Central Kansas region at the state capitol and with the Kansas Federal Delegation. The South Central Kansas Regional Legislative Agenda provides a powerful voice for the South Central Kansas region and our partners.

Economic Development
Urge support for regional economic development projects.

Education and Workforce Development
Encourage post-secondary institutions to adopt innovative and cutting edge programs and/or practices in order to meet business needs to ensure an abundant and skilled workforce.

Business-Friendly Environment
Support expansion of Medicaid (KanCare) that is revenue neutral and encourages personal responsibility.

Environmental Resources
Support the “50 year Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas” including the protection and future use of the Equus Beds.

Transportation and Infrastructure
Dedicated transportation funding streams should only be used for the transportation program.

Regional Partners

Andover Chamber of Commerce
Derby Chamber of Commerce
El Dorado Chamber of Commerce
Haysville Chamber of Commerce
Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce
McPherson Chamber of Commerce
Newton Chamber of Commerce
Regional Area Economic Partnership (REAP)
Wellington Chamber of Commerce
Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce

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