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City-to-City Leadership Visits

What makes other cities great? How do we ensure Wichita is on the right path? How do we find best practices and customize them for Wichita and our region? Since 2008, the Chamber had planned an annual trip to another city that has figured “it” out to introduce our business and community leaders to innovative projects and best practices. Attendees network, learn, and bring home ideas that can be adapted and implemented in our community.

The 2018 City-to-City Leadership Visit destination will be announced in the spring.

Those interested in sponsorship opportunities should contact Gabri Samia.

In addition to learning best practices from other cities, attendees have the chance to network with 50 other Wichita leaders on the trip.
Reinvigorates Commitment
Reinvigorates Commitment

"The City-to-City trips provide a wealth of opportunity and places us in a favorable position to lead. It reinvigorates our commitment to dig deep, compare and contrast, remove barriers and find collaborative/inclusive solutions to move our region and state forward!" – Ebony Clemons, Westar Energy

History of City-to-City Trip Outcomes

  • 2008 | Oklahoma City:
    Focused on developing and implementing the Downtown Master Plan
  • 2009 | Chattanooga:
    Sent four local YPs to participate in Create Here – a community marketing plan development workshop
  • 2010 | Louisville:
    Created a local bank consortium to finance riskier development projects
  • 2011 | Pittsburgh:
    Initiated the Priority Project to identify top community priorities
  • 2012 | Omaha:
    Developed the Entrepreneurship Task Force, an initiative of the Leadership Council (now Greater Wichita Partnership)
  • 2013 | Des Moines:
    Refocused on regional approach to economic development with the eventual creation of the Greater Wichita Partnership
  • 2014 | Austin:
    Created a local entrepreneurship accelerator program, launching the e2e Accelerator in 2016
  • 2015 | Greenville, S.C.:
    Generated community buy-in for inclusion and diversity programming
  • 2016 | Nashville:
    Renewed emphasis on inclusion and diversity, quality of life, and summer jobs for youth as critical elements in a comprehensive talent strategy
  • 2017 | Raleigh/Durham, N.C.:
    Renewed emphasis on quality of place initiatives

Click here to learn more about how the City-to-City Leadership Visits have helped build a better Wichita.

Rare Opportunity
Rare Opportunity

"There are rare opportunities for leaders across sectors, industries, and generations to come together around a shared vision, and this trip is one. The ideas and relationships formed are invaluable to advancing our community." – Paul Lavender, SASNAK

Community Advancement Investors
Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.
Delta Dental of Kansas, Inc.
Foulston Siefkin LLP
Meritrust Credit Union
Sullivan Higdon & Sink
Westar Energy

Moving Wichita Forward
Moving Wichita Forward
“These trips are an opportunity to learn how we can best work together to move Wichita forward. They have been some of the best education I’ve received to help me in the work we do as Council members. I encourage you to go if you can.” – Janet Miller, District VI City Council Member
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